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Guess it's a good thing I've been procrastinating on doing updates to some of my projects that're in 1.1—now I can just skip a release and save time. *g* (Justifications 'R' Us at your service! *vbg*)
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Oh, me too! I've kinda avoided looking at the differences between 2.x and 3.x so far because I'm mostly just using Python in the context of Django right now, so there hasn't been a need for me to make the effort yet. *g*

Just finished reading the release notes and am going through specific changes that I know will cause me problems until I get everything switched over. Oh, the fun I'm gonna have once I start the process. *wry grin*
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Saw your note when I started upgrading one of my projects (last year already? geez!) and it saved me quite the headache. *g* Thanks! :)
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